Properties of AQUA-NAP PLUS:

  • Help solve the problem of less semen breeder Difficulty ovulating breeders. 
  • Makes off-season breeding easier.
  • Suitable for fish and frog breeders at a time in large numbers. 
  • Hormone has a concentration of 15,000 micrograms, must be diluted and used in conjunction with synergistic drugs.


Storage method

  • Store in a dry place under room temperature. Avoid light and heat


บรรจุ 10 มล.

How to use

Usage Rate

  • Eggs Development (Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone)


    • 10 ml. Cinnafact-E has a concentration of 15,000 micrograms.
    • 1ml. Cinnafact-E has a concentration has concentration = (15,000×1)/10=1,500 micrograms.
    • Briefly the hormoneBriefly hormone that is involved in eggs development, approx 10-20 micrograms/ 1Kg. brooder's weight.
    • To secure the righteous concentration, 9 ml. distilled water must be added to 1 ml. Cinnafact-E viz. 1,500 micrograms concentration of its mixed solution.
    • Therefore, the end-product hormonal solution is 150 micrograms active composition.
    • By its optimal usage of 1kg. fish weight : 10-20 micrograms Cinnafact-E would be well-synergistically active when combined together using 5 mg. Motilium M : 1 Kg. fish brooder weight (1 Tablet of Motilium M = 10 mg.)


    Example of Calculation Method

    • Supposing we intend to inject 10 fish of average 300 grams weight of each i.e. average 0.2 ml. will be our required volume dosage.
    • Total fish weight = 10×300=3,000 grams (3 Kilograms) 20×3=60 micrograms Cinnafact E will be required.
    • 1ml. Hormone Solution is composed of 150 micrograms as its concentration.

    Hence (60×1)/150=0.4 ml. of Hormone Solution will be needed to apply.

    • If we have to inject each fish with 0.2 ml., the total needed solution will be 0.2×10=2ml.    2-0.4=1.6 ml. Distilled water is needed.
    • Required Motilium M to be added/combined is 5×3=15 mg. or one-and-a-half Tabet                     (1 Tablet of Motilium M = 10 mg.)
    • pulverize one-and-a-half tablets of Motilium M in motar and then dissolve it in 0.4 ml.        Hormone solution and 1.6 ml. Distilled water to get well-stirred and homogeneous 0.2 ml. Concentrated Solution suitable for each fish injection.


    OvulationOvalution Stimulating Hormone for fish and frogs.

    To be suitable for:

    • Mass reproductive spawning of Fish and Frog.
    • Big Fish Livestock Breeding and Farming Businesses.
    • Artificial fertilization in fish and frogs.
    • Enable solving the problem of milt(semen) collection for its scarcity.
    • Inducing the female brooders' spawning by using Cinnafact E - in process compound injected.


Video clip how to use