Storage method

  • Store in a dry place under room temperature. Avoid light and heat


Properties of AQUA-NAP PLUS:

  • Female induction for cichlids and frogs


Net Content: 5 GM.

How to use

Usage of :

  • Take 5 grams of 17ESD hormone powder dissolved in 5 liters of 95% ethyl alcohol, stir until the hormone powder is completely dissolved.
  • Prepare 50 kg of baby fish feed, then bring the hormone mixed above (5 liters) to spray on the feed. mix thoroughly.
  • Feed that has been mixed with hormones thoroughly. to dry in the shade and ventilated to allow the ethyl alcohol to evaporate. The only hormone 17ESD is left in the feed.
  • Mixed feed. If you can't use it all, you can keep it by keeping away from light and away from heat.


Video clip how to use